I want to be a SuperHero – By @CharlesHueWill1

By Charles Hue Williams


I want to be a SuperHero


We recently had Nils Leonard come in and give us a talk surrounding the work and values of Uncommon, the agency he co-founded in 2017. It was an inspiring talk, surrounding the positive reach of advertising and its potential for beneficial change on a considerable scale. The work seemed far more than delivering a product on behalf of a client. The projects seemed truly centred about creating a positive impact. It was no surprise that the entirety of the room acknowledged what an amazing place it would be to work at and it got me thinking. 


Thinking about, in an ideal world, what I want to get out of my future? What I want to get out of my job in advertising? 


This lead me to the decision…I want to be a SuperHero!


SuperHero’s are a symbol of justice. They wear crazy costumes. They have ridiculous bank balances and they display a cool array of powers or gadgets.


How is this relevant to advertising?…Well it may not be as far away as you think. 


Firstly the symbol of justice. A Superhero spreads a positive message that inspires belief and action. At SCA we are reminded that we get to choose the message, we have control over what we put into this world and how we can leave our mark. That mark should be used to inspire and send a positive message.


Next the crazy costumes. They have an array of flashy designs and colours that draw attention. These identities are provided by the brands we champion. This also leads me onto the ridiculous bank balances. Working in advertising means you are provided with a budget by your client. This gives you access to more funding than ever possible then in your civilian form. The real issue with all this, is that as a result you could lose sight of your hero form. 


It is easy to wish of viewing yourself as a hero but counter intuitive if you are not focusing on heroic deeds. We always have the choice to pick who we fight for but we are also in a position to change the message of others and try better any scenario, pushing for the best outcome possible. It is easy for us to spread the clients message, the skill is being able to utilise it as a tool for positive inspiration. 


This leads me to my final comparison, the cool array of pumped up powers and complementary gadgets we get access to. We’re trained to hone our skills of creativity, to enhance our abilities. We’re then provided with an array of tools to help deliver our attacks with the maximum efficiency. Creative Scamping, Sticky Testing and Six Hatting to name a few in construction through to unique mediums for execution. All techniques are continually worked on and developed, like our very own continuous SuperHero training. 


I may never really get the chance to live out this superhero fantasy, but I can’t think of many professions that get you quite as close to the real thing.

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