I was on the wrong course. By @james_reyn

James Reynolds

By James Reynolds


I was on the wrong course.

This time last year I was heading into the second year of a degree in Visual Communication.

Quite frankly the first year was a piece-of-piss. I was disappointed. It felt like a waste of time and money. I wanted something more intense.
I spent the summer running events in Ibiza, and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going back in year two.
In January (2016) I began using the University library a lot. I soon realised that I was learning more from books than I was from the few scheduled classes per week.
In February we were tasked with a case study on an area of interest. I chose advertising. I guess I just wanted to learn more about the industry as the only agency I had heard of was Saatchi & Saatchi.
I started researching and familiarising myself with ad agencies and their work. I searched the library and found ‘Hegarty on Advertising’.
I didn’t realise it at the time, but discovering that book changed the course of my life. It totally inspired me.
“…it was like having a light turned on in a darkened room. Suddenly i could see what i wanted to do. Here was an industry that worshipped at the alter of ideas.”
That’s how I felt.
I realised it wasn’t just design that excited me. It was ideas and brands and business. It was advertising.
I was on the wrong course.
I wasn’t just on the wrong course, I was in the wrong school. I was disillusioned.
In March we were working on D&AD New Blood briefs and I was looking through previous winners.
One school name kept cropping up. SCA.
I found this site and filled in the form without really thinking it through.
I’m so glad I did.

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