Secrets of the Universe – By @MrBenGolding

Ben Golding

By Ben Golding


Secrets of the Universe


We have been writing a lot of scripts recently.

Great script writing is about getting right to the point.

With some emotion and storytelling if you can.

Heres an example of what not to do.

“So often in the study and general perusal of knowledge and as a wider whole, things that are and are possibly not, we find ourselves at a crossroads in our thinking. To elaborate upon this, we must delve deeper into the a posteriori verification that we require in order to make the accusations, that so often, our thinking and experiences are based upon. Yet we cannot say more than what we, in and of ourselves, have experienced without a shadow of a doubt, and know to be beyond truth and beauty to shape the observable universe, at least in our own findings using the data we have gathered ourselves.

Furthermore, it is self-evidently apparent that we must consider not just what we are regarding within the confines of our own understanding, but to examine the full spectrum of what is or could be. Case in point, the lengths we go to to overanalyse our findings can often be preposterous and farcical, even within a common agreement of what is and is not, in fact, suitable to be worked with, and of course worked upon.

To summarise; the deepening level of our relationship with ourselves has created a paradox within our thinking, that we in turn have been trapped within. In order to break away from what is most evidently the focus of our learning, there must be a logical and deliberate purpose as to why the elaboration of our current work is not, and in fact has never been, the true reflection of those that are involved within it as opposed to those that can and so often do work on the outskirts of what can be sensibly referred to as the thing unto itself.”

I hope that helps.

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