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By Mary Johansen





Being an advertising creative isn’t just about having ideas. There’s a lot of research and preparation before you can start executing a thought. SCA is a strategy-focused school, but that doesn’t mean craft doesn’t get prioritised. Term 1 is now over, and I’ve learnt a lot — more than I learnt in three years at university. And I even studied advertising. Here are some of the things I’ve learnt about ideas from our amazing mentors:


An idea isn’t an idea until…


You have a real insight – not an observation.


You’ve nailed the proposition.


You have a proposition that gives you creative wood.


You know who the greats in advertising were.


You’ve broken the rules of advertising.


You’ve written your copy in a conversational tone, free from typos.


You have a solid strapline.


You have a brilliant idea, executed beautifully.


You go out and make it happen.


SCA students are extremely lucky to have all these amazing mentors. Many of us have ‘complained’ about not knowing who to listen to, and that’s a luxury. The best thing is that we have mentors with such a broad range of knowledge, from strategy and planning to copywriting and art direction. I’m certain that we’ll all leave school 110% better than when we started, and I want this SCAB to be a massive thank you to everyone helping us get there.


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