I’m a Yes Girl by @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten


I’m a Yes Girl.


They say thats a good thing but boy has it got me into a pickle or four in my time.

Always saying yes to a project or client or activity, and then you-tubing it*/ googling it/ co-ercing someone more knowledgable than me to work out how on earth I can make it happen. Whatever the problem solving part of my brain is it must be really encroaching on the sanity part.

I am literally always making it up, it’s a miracle I haven’t been found out yet, or failed.

Some jobs I have done.

Made a (to perfect scale) New York City Hall out of paper

Made Gin & Tonic marshmallows and prescribed them as medicine to the Great British public (& Red wine & chilli & bourbon & more and for that matter)

Spent two days making a fresh flower Alexander McQueen dress for British Vogue & The V&A

Made a Toast Mahal ( ..& Hosted a Toast Sculpture Party for Warburtons…

Made a floating crematorium in a hot air balloon for the South Bank Centre…(still not sure what this was)

Been an ‘acting sleeper’ sleeping on a shelf for two weeks in the Hayward Gallery (almost got fired for being actually asleep)

Been an English Teacher/performing monkey for a year in France, with classes of 25 who were were 0% interested in learning English

Been a food stylist for KFC (that was yesterday, thats why my passion project is still not finished)

Spent a whole day breaking the arms and legs of soft toys for a children charity Ad, soul distressingly sad. 

Led a puppeteering troupe for the Olympics for two months. PAH.

Spent a week styling Moonpig’s Christmas catalogue (still very much all over my floor)

Been an official Liquid Nitrogen flash freezer of vegetables for Bird’s Eye Press Events

Hosted Google Summer Party in a Silent Disco/Ice Cream Truck and almost died of jumping & excitement. 

What if I fail at this?

*you-tubing ‘how to win at SCA’ doesn’t work. I just tried it


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