Imitation, or Fake? by @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton






By Michael Hutton


Worse than the thought of catastrophic failure in my creative career, is the idea of fraudulent success.

Whilst the creative process is individual to us all, therein lies a requirement to communicate and collaborate with the outside world. To gain perspective; feedback; to pitch ideas, and generally satisfy ones fragile ego that the work will have some relevance in a world full of undiagnosed ADHD sufferers.

Ideas don’t always magically form in ones mind. They are, more often than not, a graft.

But what happens when an idea is born of someone else’s mind and given to you to expand upon? Is it wrong to accept credit?

The last two portfolio briefs (Clearblue and Moni) have included a smidgen of the above.

Mine and Sam’s discussions with Marc, the in-house and visiting mentors, and other teams have helped to formulate our ideas, and have brought some success. I guess that’s the point of the creative process – to use other people as a soundboard to take ideas where you can’t take them yourselves. 

Somehow it just doesn’t feel right. I haven’t believed in either idea, because they don’t match my personality. They are too serious. Too compassionate.

But then again, I don’t care for much in life aside from the people I love, and the work I produce. My apathy is perhaps my downfall. I can’t see how someone will care for the idea, if I don’t.

I came to SCA to follow my dream of producing work that separates me from every other human on Earth. To share my personality with the world, and to leave a memory of my existence.

I’m not doing that at the moment, and it’s beginning to frustrate the hell out of me.

For my sanity, I need to get back to a place where I’m producing work I’m interested in, passionate about, and ultimately, proud to share with the world.

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