In Answer to Alex.. by @TomEspezel

Tom Espezel-Bentley

By Tom Espezel


In Answer to Alex..

Whilst I feel admiration for Mr Mawby and his ‘Manifesto’, I wonder if this is type of admiration one feels when they witness a man remove all his clothes and run screaming off the number 22 bus. Admiring their ‘balls’ but marvelling at their sheer foolishness and buffoonery. 


Do you really want to support a man who dresses up in ridiculous outfits and hangs around with kids? This country cannot afford another Operation Yewtree on its conscience.

Whilst I also stand firm against the horrors of the ‘Pizza Photobooth’ I think that we could all learn something from an unsung hero shimmering in our midst…

Whilst many claim not to understand her strange French whisperings, I am fairly confident that she is not casting spells on us (contrary to what Frazer would have us to believe). Instead she is boldly going were few of us have dared venture. She is pushing herself to the limit. Teetering on the edge of greatness. She is the type of person who taught herself to douggie whilst simultaniously exposing herself to a mentor. The type of icon that embodies the spirit of SCA and leaves Sup De Pub star struck. In the bars of Mexico they refer to her only as ‘El Diablo’.

She is Fiona Tabastot.

I have decided to run as Fiona Tabastot’s election campaign manager. Championing the Parisian Assassin to reach the levels of greatness and recognition she truly deserves. Whilst I am fully aware it is probable that she will corrupted by power, I feel it is a risk we must take. Genius does not come along every day

For the good of the people. For the good of the industry, and most importantly for the good of the sacred institution that is SCA 2.0, I think Fiona is the one to lead us. Out of the darkness and into the promised land.

Use your head and vote with your heart. 

Vote Tabastot.

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