Inner Child, by @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy


Spurred on by Katy’s post on planning, Im writing this 24 hours in advance of deadline on the basis that Friday is already fully booked.
So many things to reflect on, weather that be emotional distress, the shortage of forks in this place or not having urinals (providing some much needed sitting down pee time).  But I think the ‘natural childhood state’ Marc introduced in his talk on transitional analysis is a better topic for discussion.
And so, I share with you the games I play largely on my own (don’t worry I have friends, my games just aren’t that good) to ensure I remain in a natural childhood state whenever possible.  Though I suppose by purposly playing a game it removes the natural.  And so, I share with you the games I play to ensure I remain in an enforced childhood state…
  1.  The leaf game – This is a good one.  You need to be on a bike.  Ideally it needs to wet or slightly damp outside.  Then you simply try and see how many leaves you can run over but it has to be a direct hit and stylish.  Not an easy task.
  2.  Fake mugging your partner – Controversial it is.  But it also makes a good video just be prepared for the slap.
  3.  Phone name game – Probably my favourite.  Steal a friends phone and change your number to someone else’s name.  eg.  mum or girlfriend.  Then text them with some distressing news, sit back and watch.  But do not text ‘Dan, I am pregnant. Call me.’  that also ends in a slap.
  4. Looking up – Ben the Buddhist said people are stupid.  Not sure Im ready to admit that yet but this game does prove we behave like pack animals.  When next in a que, simply look up at the ceiling and see how many fellow ‘idiots’ join you.  The longer you look, the more you believe, the higher you will score.
  5. Guessing game – Stone cold classic.  Just guess what people do or what stage of their relationship a couple are in.  Don’t however have such confident in your guess that you confront them with ‘Hi, Ive been playing the guessing game.  Are you on an awkward first date?’  ‘No we have been married 20 years.’ 
  6. Waiting for a bus – Just pretend waiting for bus is a game.  It helps.  In fact you could do this with lots of things.
Any other game ideas to keep our inner child alive are welcome!

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