My term 1 wrapped up

As the year comes to an end, so does term 1 at the SCA. I thought I would use my last SCAB of this section of the course to reflect on some of the stand out things learnt so far:

  • The first thing that comes to mind is just how much there is to learn from the people around me, both mentors and peers. This is, of course, to be expected from the mentors, but I have found observing my fellow peers especially useful. Seeing how teams tackle the same briefs as me, in such amazingly different ways, has been inspiring.
  • Another lesson that comes to mind is the importance of failing. Throughout this first term, I have been successful in some briefs, and similarly, I have massively flopped, in others. having said that, the ones that I value most have been the briefs I have failed in. Not only because failing teaches you exactly what not to do in the following project but with every disaster, I have found I am more and more hungry the next time around.
  • Have fun with the work you create. It seems fairly obvious, doesn’t it? But it is a lot harder than you think. If I am being honest, even after addressing this as a learning point in this post, I’m still guilty of not doing this as much as I ought to. As a student, I sometimes feel that I am working to fit a certain standard that I have conceived as being ‘professional’. But in my experience, I never quite hit this right and my work just ends up being quite dull and boring. On the other hand, in some projects, I have been more open to letting go and having fun. These projects always receive a more positive reception and so in term 2 I want to make it my goal to have more fun with work.
  • This next one is more of a personal ‘characteristic’ which I have recognised. In school, one of our mentors, Mike Nicholson, has addressed how ideas will come to him when he’s doing something else rather than sitting at his desk, purposefully trying to crack the brief. He has recognised this and makes sure he plans his helpful activities into his timetable, for him it is a run at lunchtime and his walking commute to and from work. I believe I have found what works for me, and I must say it is quite annoying. My best breakthrough thoughts/ideas come when I am trying to sleep. On one hand, this is cool as I feel as if I have the perfect excuse to go to bed early, but on the other, it is extremely irritating having to consciously make a note of the ideas that come to mind.
  • Finally, I have learnt to go beyond what is expected/required of you. And with that, The 500-word minimum requirement for this blog has been reached, so I will catch you next time 😉


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