The ‘Sell-by’ Date For Political Correctness, by @EytanDGSmith

Eytan Smith







By Eytan Smith



Reflection Friday has always been a highlight for our intake’s year. We triumph our successes, learn from our mistakes and highlight our lessons. At the start of the year, there was a real tendency to point out sexist behaviour that came from our peers or mentors. That tendency no longer exists, but in my opinion, the behaviour does.


Having decided a while ago I would no longer enact the role of ‘PC Police’ considering it did me no social favours, I have found no one else has quite committed to the role like I did. Having presented an inherently sexist campaign for Gillette (SMP= Your best chance with your mate’s mum), not one person in feedback criticised the angle we took based on our abhorrent treatment of women. The old me would have been furious. Without a doubt my refection slide would have been based on the treatment in modern society of mature women.


I don’t quite know what my point is. Maybe it is that everyone loses their morals to win a PB. Maybe it’s that I miss my role. Or perhaps I just miss my morals and hate myself for not persisting in my feminist values.


Maybe, the sad reality is that unless you believe and commit to your values, no one else will for you.

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