Power of my best friend : Pencil – By @hachanitedj

By Tedj Hachani

Power of my best friend : Pencil


I’ve already talked about how powerful the pencil is, but I feel like I need to get deeper into that aspect.


For the past few weeks now I’ve been trying to work in a different way. I got off my computer, took a pencil and pieces of paper and tried to come up with creative ideas.


Let me tell you how it feels…





Working with paper made me realise how much I now hate working on my computer when it comes to finding new ideas.

Of course Internet will always be a convenient tool and can be very helpful, but trust me, nothing beats that small white rectangle and a sharp pencil.


It’s now part of my creative process and I can’t imagine working on a new brief without my new best friends (pencil+paper).


Let me introduce you to pencil, he’s very kind, very helpful, he’s like the extension of my arm, almost like a part of my body, and he knows how to translate a thought into something more visually concrete.


I remember letting Pencil down for a few years when I used to work with my other friend Laptop. Also a very good friend of mine, but he’s the kind of friend who distracts you a lot and it’s hard to focus when you’re with him…



Thank you for reading my story. I highly advice you to have a new pencil best friend, that’ll help you in your creative process, you’ll love it.






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