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Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten




Quite a lot of people come in to talk about being more of an interesting person, but how can you even know how interesting you are? The one person in the world that is totally not interesting is you. You have been you for 25 years and you are (literally, truly, really, totally) the most boring person you could ever meet. Even at your most unpredictable, you’re entirely predictable to yourself. 

We are spoilt with speakers and wisdom since starting SCA. As one potential student pointed out last week, “at my uni we wouldn’t even be awake by 9:30 and you’ve already pitched to a client.” 

We are stupidly lucky to have got ourselves into the privileged position of actually being here. How the hell that happened I’m not really sure.

Sometimes at SCA we forget the opportunities we have are so insanely great. But sometimes, we are really really aware of it. 

I had a flash of this on Tuesday.

The incredible MT Rainey at Silicon Beached was no doubt the most inspirational person I’ve had the pleasure of hearing since starting SCA. Like, blow-me-out-the-water brilliant. Summin’ else.

There’s something about genuinely talented people that brings a humbleness to their presence. 

There is no bravado or loud noise or shininess. No fight. It’s not that these people think less of themselves, but that they just think about themselves less, they don’t believe their own hype. They have a sort of calm confidence thing going on, like they know exactly where they fit in life and they don’t need to justify it or shout about it. 

I really really really like those people and I like to collect them. I make a habit of spotting these Secret Genius’ characters and keep them in the side of my brain for future reference.

Secret Genius’ are the people you know for years before you find out they’ve saved a life, or invented something incredible, or written a book. The people you think you know but that are giving you about 1% of themselves. They are the people who have really done stuff but don’t hammer on about it. They are a Secret Society bunch. I wonder if they spot each other?

In the Creative world, they are the people that live and breathe creativity, not like ‘I’m a Creative’ creativity, but I-cannot-go-a-day-without-doing-something-creative-because-I-might-explode creative. 

And, as it turns out, Secret Genius’ make for really inspirational speakers.

Contrasting to the noise and ego in advertising, MT Rainey’s humbleness was almost mesmerising. Despite her incredible career and experience, she spoke about her learnings and failures and the lucky moments. 

There was a lot to learn not from what she said, but even more from the way she said it. What an interesting person.

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