It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, its about the size of the fight in the dog

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By @EytanDGSmith


A couple of weeks ago, Elin Jarlstorm, Martin Ojo and myself began something special together: our first live brief. Since then we have had many more firsts; we discovered what it was like to pitch, to win and to work with our first real client, and what a client he is.


Neil Mullarkey is a comedian. His career stretches over thirty rib-snappingly funny years. His performances in the iconic Comedy Store have contributed in defining British comedy, whilst his improvisational abilities prove his raw comedic talent.


Tragically, the legend has decided to retire a hilarious comedy persona of his, L. Vaughan Spencer (L-Vo for short); a ganagster-motivational speaker who has gone round corporate audiences revolutionising each British company one at a time. The end of the ‘Succeedy’ era will be more than devastating for the British economy and the sluggish recovery will shrivel up, as if some small mean child poured salt all over it.


So whilst the end is basically nigh, there is some small refuge of Motivitality you can bury your head in for now. It comes in the fun form of a Kickstarter page where L-Vo fans can contribute to the production of a DVD of his final performance. We have spent hundereds of cups of coffee committed to brainstorming the ideas behind the next three weeks, perfecting the page, cracking the copy and getting to know the client better, all in the hope of making L-Vo’s final smash hit as successful and widely experienced as possible. Our target goal is to collect £6000 in investments for the project, which I whole-heartedly believe can be achieved.


So here is to the next three weeks.

SCA we shall do you proud.

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