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By Jeremy Fonteneau


They killed my people. They murdered my own nation cold-bloodedly. Tonight, I’m not writing a SCAB because I have to. I’m writing these words because I need to.


Today (7 of January 2015), 11:30 am Paris time, 2 men killed 12 of my compatriots in the french press office of Charlie Hebdo… Everyone has heard about Charlie Hebdo. The controversy of the religious cartoons, the debate about their political commitment, whatever. It was funny, simple, engaged, full of generous ideas, and probably the most interesting way to connect with people on serious topics. It was freedom. Flat out freedom. It is the greatest symbol of my country, and someone tried to kill it today…


We won’t let them the taste of victory. Not even a tiny part of it. Because they failed. « We killed Charlie Hebdo! » they shouted. Well they didn’t, Charlie Hebdo has never been so alive!


They wanted to bring my nation to its knees, instead they made us stand together. 12 are dead, over 66 millions of French people are injured. Now, over 66 millions are standing. Standing together. Standing against them. Standing against these cowards, these barbarian, these murderers. These people who are spreading the fear, to who we are saying today; “We are not afraid!”. I’m saying it because I’m proud of the values which make my country a strong nation. I’m saying it because I know what french people are capable of. I’m saying it because I’m free to shout it; I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!


Every son and daughter of Marianne is looking at you straight in the eyes. All of them are standing behind Charb’s way of life : « I prefer to die standing than living on my knees. », and we will show you that our smiles will never disappear.


There will be a before and an after the 7th of January 2015, but trust me, the after will be even stronger than the first part. You wanted to kill our journalists? You’ve made them eternal. We will remember them and we will keep laughing, we will keep our joy of life even if we paid a heavy price for it today.


There will be another sunrise on Charlie Hebdo next week, and the weeks after that. And there will be millions of smile on people’s faces again. Because this is what France is about, the freedom of happiness. This is what we are standing for and this is what we are.


« Je suis Charlie.

Je suis né pour te connaître

Pour te nommer

Liberté. »



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