Theres black hole stealing everyone’s time – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Theres black hole stealing everyone’s time


At the start of SCA time feels like its passing quite slowly, you are getting to know each other making connections remembering peoples faces  and names. You have time to learn a bit more about yourself and the people around you. You start to have some fun when you are comfortable in the course and then time begins to speed up. Waiting for the first brief to be given to you seems like a lifetime ago. Time speeds up again and again brief after brief you forget the weeks before and whatever else you thought it was that you lied to do. You get wrapped up in learning new things and soaking in all of the knowledge. People become more focused, you become more focused and start to try and find your rhythm. Trying new things, trying different ways and processes to come up with ideas. By the time you have found your way another term has gone…


Then there’s only two terms left, in numbers that’s a lot but in the space time continuum of a SCA student its gone before you know it. How can time feel as if it is speeding up so much when we are all doing the same things. It’s not a question of time being lost but just feeling like its being used quicker. It’s almost unexplainable. I have never looked through my photos in my phone from such a long time ago and felt like it was just yesterday I was there. Time is passing people are moving and pairing up, things start to get serious. Everyone’s time just got that little bit more valuable. Now the time you have left is shared between two of you…does that mean double the time or half ? I’m not really sure. 


Now there’s one term left live briefs are hitting you left right and centre, self initiated portfolio work is never ending. Time still feels like it’s being used up faster than ever. Do the brief and onto the next one and on and on till the end.

Now there’s only a few weeks left, you’ve forgotten about most of the things you’ve done and all that matters is what you are doing now. Time is flying by at an alarming rate and by this time tomorrow it feels like the course will be over.

It’s scary not knowing exactly where this time goes but if the phrase ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is true then we must be doing something right.

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