JOHN AND ON and on and on and on

By JOHN – The SCA Intake of 2017/18


JOHN AND ON and on and on and on


It’s exactly a year since we started SCA. What are we all doing 1 year on?


Sara: 1 month into a placement at Brothers and Sisters with Becky. We’re working on pitches for new business and some fun campaigns for 2019. Looks like some of our work will be made by Christmas which is amaaaaze!


Becky: Still have no idea what I’m doing (don’t tell anyone). But we’re learning and I have my weekends back. I missed you Saturday.


Meg: 5 weeks into a placement at Havas, currently eating the free breakfast they provide. Living the life.


Poppy: Being paid to sit around chatting b*ll*cks and come up with ideas, aka living the dream. Trust the system people!


Ben: We’re dealing with the deep set emotional turmoil that comes with tackling this industry as a team.


Helena: Everything is going great.


Jono: I’m considering remaining at Wunderman UK as Creative Technologist, where I’ve been doing some of the most exciting stuff ever! Hitting up California soon for work. Super happy!


Twyla: Has anyone seen Holly? She said she was going out for a cigarette. That was 2 weeks ago.


Rory: We never argue anymore, honest.


Jem: Working at Uncommon. I just got an email from my Account Manager saying “please can you send your script when you can so we can work out how many times you’ve broken the law”. It’s really, really, really fun.


Rita: This is the best job in the world.


Rachel: I no longer live in Brixton, I can see green out of my window and for a bit in the future. I’m happppy. Everything’s still busy, but a different kind of busy. Catching up with my life outside of Advertising was amazing.


Elliot: Yes bro what you saying? You all good?

Steve: Not really sure what’s happened… Getting paid to do what we love… Working in industry 11 months after the course started. SCA does bits.

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