Kindness – By KRAK intake


It’s been a tumultuous week. We could all use some kindness right now. Use your line to give the person beneath you some love. Dig deep.

Aaron: Alex, keep shining like the well nourished potato you are.

Alex: Alfie. My love for you burns like your hate for spurs.

Alfie: The din is broken by a vicious cackle I turn round expecting to see glass strewn on the grass and a witch dismounting her broomstick. Oh it’s just Alice, classic. But goddamn I miss that so much now only like 3 days into virtual school lol.

Alice: Your winks could launch a thousand ships, you beautiful man. Let’s bond over our shared love of Guinness!

Bastien: Carly is almost as cute as Lezlie.

Carly: Charles, Charles, Charles. I am deeply envious of how you suit any style of hat, especially a beret. Your profound knowledge of Disney songs and willingness to belt them out every single night before a portfolio review never fails to make everyone smile. And of course, we can’t forget that you’re a TV star walking amongst us mere mortals (First Dates– Series 9 Episode 9 for those that are interested). 

Charlie: You’ve definitely topped 2 of my standout experiences at SCA. I’m now blasting Disney when it’s time to clean the kitchen, though in need of a digital duet partner, if you’re ever free? Also good news with Remo, is that raves can continue and double the capacity! See you on the dance floor friday. 

Chloë: Your laugh is the most delightfully ridiculous sound I’ve ever heard. I loved the stories you shared in comedy school. I’m inspired by your work ethic and I miss hearing jungle playing from your shitty laptop speakers.

Chris: Keep on keeping on.


David: Dean, I haven’t known you my whole life. But I wish I had.

Dean: Elisa. 

If you were a program,

You wouldn’t be Photoshop…

Because Photoshop is difficult to talk too.
If you were a program,

You wouldn’t be Word…

Because Word is plain and boring.

If you were a program,

You wouldn’t be Excel…

Because Excel is too mean and businessy.

If you were a program,

You wouldn’t be Illustrator…

Because Illustrator is too arty farty.

If you were a program,

You wouldn’t be InDesign… 

Because you aren’t InDesign. You are aDesign. 

If you were a program,

You wouldn’t be Envato Elements…

Because I don’t have to pay to play with you.

If you were a program,
You would be Microsoft Paint…
Because you always Microsoft paint a smile on my face.

Elisa: Elle, I love the energy you bring into any room and how contagious your smile is. 

Elle: Ellie, I love how you have stayed so true to yourself throughout the course. You’re also fucking sick at it. 

Ellie: Eva you are not just a beautiful Dutch woman. You are not just a gorgeous girl from Holland. You are not just a ‘hip hop’ girl that’s hip, who hops. You are Eva. Queen of Craignair Road.

Eva: Gigi, Gigi, Gigi. Where to begin. You always scare me a little, in a very good way.  You know what you want, and you are not afraid to get it, nor to speak your mind. You are hilarious with your witty comments. You are so talented in so many different fields, I don’t know where you got the time to learn it all. And behind this cool, honest, bold woman there is a big kind heart, that’s making me feel safe and at home, here in London. Thank you for looking out for me and for always being yourself. 

Gigi: Holly is the kindest, most patient soul ever. Like she wouldn’t say Boo to a goose. It’s not always been smooth sailing for Holly but that has never ever once stopped her being generous and loving to other people. I think she’s the bees knees and I’m incredibly lucky to call her a very good friend. Although we’d make awful art direction together. 

Holly: Ivan Stanojevic, your eyes are as blue as a post-Corona sky, your smile as bright as the sun that glides by. Your wit, style and humour will save this world no doubt, but your laughter is the thing that will bring joy throughout.

Ivan: Issy. You are so fun to be around. I like that you have a crush on Alan. I do too.

Issy: Jay. I love the way you say ‘Oh, really.’

Jay: Katie. You are a little princess. Your crazy curiosity and jumpy joy is delicious. 

Your kind heart is what sets you apart. Your sweet soul is like a big brown mole.

Katie: Lawrence. YOU ARE AWESOME. So so talented. Your artwork brings me so much joy and you’re such a great, down to earth person. You also have a dog. Dogs are wonderful. Hope you’re doing ok in this crazy time.

Lawrence:  Marley you are my marvelous magnetic magical mum.

Marley: You give such brilliant hugs and are such a source of comfort for so many people. Aaannnd Magis are great for the immune system so you’ve been training for this your whole life.

Munraj: Oli, you make a very attractive woman for someone who is an already attractive man. 

Oli: For a cuck, you have a Chad’s body…

Phil: Ah, Pierre, mon frère. What I admire most about you is your eagerness to try anything and your commitment to jokes. You’re game for any experience and you’ll make us all laugh while there.

Pierre: I appreciate that you ask some of the most interesting questions in the class. I find it really cool that you speak some Spanish while being Portuguese (both are lit). I feel like I miss the old day where we use to arm battle. I wish I’ll be chilled as you.  

Rachael: I will always cherish the day we cleaned the kitchen together and you told me all about your chocolate milk. Forever waiting to be your +1 at a Places + Faces party. I don’t know many Jewish people but you’ve set the standard for Jewish men in my life. I could do this all day. But I’ll stop here because people won’t understand what we have.

Sam: Princess Scarly P of Kent. What a smile. What a warm, wonderful lady. What a grasp of Adobe’s software. To have such a nice car and still be liked by people is an achievement unto itself. Thank you for teaching me shortcuts that make it look as if I know exactly what I’m doing. You’re a gem. 

Scarlet: In the words of an old Scotsman ”It’s a lang road that’s no goat a turnin.” Thank you for always being so honest and kind ❤️

Sean: Keep the good times Rolly. I love you girl. Your smile is infectious. I mean it. I have a cold.

Rolly: Tommy, your journey is tough but the view is beautiful.

Tommy: Now is the time for poets. Gentle lions whose roars will shake the foundations of everything we know. We need you. Pick up your pen and write our world anew. 

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