Kladdkaka – By @twylaliden

By Twyla Liden




I love baking, goddammit I LOVE IT
But since I started school I’ve only done it when I’ve gone home to Sweden. It’s often because I;

  1. Can’t be bothered to find a recipe
  2. Have none of the ingredients
  3. Want to eat something sweet RIGHT NOW

That’s why I am now sharing my own recipe for a Swedish Kladdkaka. It’s super duper easy to make, cheap and fucking delicious.

4dl sugar
200g salted butter 2 3/4dl cacao 2tsp vanilla sugar 2dl flour
crumbed bread

Turn your oven to a nice 175°c
Butter your round pie form
Then throw the crumbed bread around in it
Mix all of the eggs and sugar with each other, make sure it’s just fluffy enough
Microwave the butter until it’s completely melted
Whilst the butter is in the microwave put the flour and vanilla sugar in a separate bowl.
Then sieve the cacao into the flour and vanilla sugar and mix it real good until it’s a grey powder Take the butter out of the microwave and make sure it’s super hot
Pour it into the egg and sugar mixture
Then combine the dry and wet ingredients
Eat some of the dough
Pour it into the pan/form/baking thingy
Put it in the oven for 17minutes
Then turn the oven off, but leave the cake in there for 5 more minutes

Don’t worry if the cake’s all wobbly and liquidy, it’s supposed to be that, Kladdkaka means messy cake in Swedish.

Eat it with raspberry sherbet or vanilla ice cream anything else is gross. You’re welcome.

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