Lessons I’ve learnt after 10 weeks at SCA – By @PugheScarlet

By Scarlet Pughe


Lessons I’ve learnt after 10 weeks at SCA


  1. Punctuality. The importance of not only being on time but being early. I get into school at 8:30 most days. For me this is so important because it gives me a chance to catch up with everyone and clear some of the small things on my to do list for the day. I also take this time to write some SMP’s and get my head in the right place for the day ahead.
  2. Positivity. I have found over the past few weeks that being positive about every idea is so productive. Even if you initially think the idea is rubbish and your instinctive feeling is to shut it down, going with it and seeing where it can take you can lead to little gems that can grow into something great. 
  3. Mindfulness. Since joining SCA I have found that yoga and mindfulness are amazing tools to help me get into the right headspace. Going to yoga classes in the evening clears my mind, almost like pressing a reset button and also helps me sleep. Mindfulness I find most useful during the day if my head starts to get too busy. I’ll take 5 minutes to have a moment of calm, and then write myself a list. 
  4. Not to speak to mentors a few hours before a deadline and to trust your gut.
  5. Collecting dots. Spending time with friends outside of SCA is so important. Visiting galleries, going for drinks and experiencing anything new are great ways of gaining inspiration for new projects.
  6. Bank ideas. Sometimes when I am six hatting work, my partner and I will come up with an idea that I think is great. However, it’s completely wrong for the brief. So I am making sure to write them all down just in case they come in useful for another project.  
  7. You’re not always going to like what you’re selling. There have been a few briefs that we have been given now where the product we’ve got to sell in my opinion has been disgusting. A product where I question how anyone could like it. The fun with this is finding any positive you can about it and really running with it. 
  8. Self care. Eating right, going to the gym and drinking much less have definitely helped me be more productive and in a better mindset for coming up with ideas. 
  9. Sunday evening cleaning. I’ve found that getting things at home sorted on a Sunday evening can really help me for the week. Doing all my washing and tiding up really clears my head and means I don’t have to think about it when I get home after a long day.   
  10. Research. Being as extensive as you can is so important when it comes to research, not only for projects but also when researching mentors. Knowing the work your mentors have made means you can be really direct and specific with your questions and therefore learn so much more from them.  

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