Life is better in music – By @lemacadesyeux

Zac Mehdid

By Zac Mehdid


Life is better in music


It was on the 23rd at 11pm when my family and I finally decided on our Christmas meal. We all agreed on letting me cook and prepare everything. Therefore, I had to wake up early and go shopping first thing in the morning, since shops close early on Christmas eve.

I got to the supermarket a few minutes before it opens, and there was already a massive queue in front of the store. Everyone was stressed and in race mode. I was nearly worried it would get like black Friday in the U.S. It didn’t, but the atmosphere was tense.

9am, store opens, everyone rushes in to be the first to get some foie gras and patisseries. I didn’t really like the atmosphere, so my sister and I decided to give my shopping experience a little twist. “From now on, let’s just sing whenever we speak. Until we get out of the store” I said. She agreed, and there we were, among the unexpected crowd of the main supermarket of a city with only 20,000 inhabitants, singing our shopping list. It did start with the shopping list, but quickly escalated into public performances of random words put together in songs – would there be any musicians in the crowd, we would have probably been beaten up, but luckily there weren’t.

At first, people started smiling at us, and then some came and thanked us for making their day brighter. A few people actually came and danced with us, and some filmed us (we’re probably on YouTube right now). It was beautiful. Everyone had a lot to do, but some took some of their precious time to come and dance with us. When it came to employees from the store at the cheese, and fish, and meat booths, they thanked us for being so joyful and making them happy, because the closer we are to Christmas, not only stores get fuller, but also the more stressed out everyone is, and therefore ruder they get.

Then, last but not least, we finally got to the cashier, and had a nice conversation with the girl from the store (we were singing, she was speaking). She was so happy, which made us even happier.

To be short, we gave everyone a fun story to tell over Christmas dinner.

Here’s a video of one of the songs we performed:

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