Let Me Introduce Myself – By @katiebcreates

By Katie Burrell


Let Me Introduce Myself


I thought I’d say a proper “Hello!” for my second SCAB. Here goes…

Hi! I’m Katie Burrell, otherwise known as Annie.

I’m 31.

I’m 5ft 2 and a-half inches (the half is very important).

I grew up in Reading.

I love my family. I’m very lucky that we all get on really well.

I have a wonderful younger sister who is pregnant and will probably be giving birth right before we start SCA.

I still can’t believe that my sister is having a baby and I’m going to be an Aunty, it’s all very surreal.

I’ve been married to my husband Andy for 4 years; we’ve been together for 10.

Andy’s just finished SCA and convinced me to go for it too.

It’s been a tough year for both of us mentally, physically and financially and we’re about to do it all again but I am so unbelievably grateful that we have the help of the #HomeTownHeroes scholarship, it’s nuts!

Andy and I met at drama school.

I’m imagining SCA to be a teeny bit like drama school but for


It’s 9 years since I graduated, that is also nuts!

Things I’ve done since graduating…

I moved in with Andy.

I auditioned for acting jobs and other more commercial work.

If you’re a lover of war time fiction you can catch me on the cover of a few books…my personal favourites are Katie Flynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and ‘Liverpool Rose.’ In the latter they made me blonde, it’s not a good look for me.


I worked at LUSH at their Kings Road store and also designed a couple of their shop window installations that were showcased nationwide.

I taught small children and teenagers singing, dancing and acting at the weekends.

I started drawing pencil portraits for people as a little side gig.

I started teaching tiny humans and their parents at Gymboree in Wimbledon – it’s a bit like a pre-school – it’s also a bit like stepping into a scene from Mary Poppins. This afternoon we pretended to travel to the jungle, last week we flew to Japan and went on the Bullet train, the possibilities are endless!

I walked a marathon overnight.

I got married.

Andy and I were lucky enough to go on the holiday of a lifetime

for our honeymoon to the islands of Kauai and The Big Island in Hawaii. We’d love to travel more one-day.

I established my own hand-illustrated stationery business which I’m really proud of, I’d like to see if I can keep this ticking during my time on the course.

I have a dog, she’s a Golden Retriever called Molly.

I’m still teaching at Gymboree and Andy and I were managing it together for a few years before he started at SCA – we basically do EVERYTHING TOGETHER *cue music from Psycho*.

Some things I haven’t mentioned…

I really like eating.

I love dancing, I miss dancing properly.

I love music.

I like to sing.

I’m going to miss my dog – I won’t see her as much while I’m at SCA. If you see me looking glum it’s highly likely that I’m missing Molly.

My favourite colours are green and blue.

I want to travel more.

I love bumble bees.


I’m fascinated by space, as in the final frontier.

My 11 year old self fancied Tom Hanks.

I’m running the Great South Run in October so ask me how my

training is going if you see me – it might help to spur me on!

I can’t stand the smell of egg sandwiches in enclosed spaces.

I have a needle phobia.

I guess I’m quite extroverted but I also enjoy time by myself and

my own space.

I’m very empathetic.

I’m excited to meet and get to know everyone properly!

I’m having dreams about SCA already – back to school nerves!

If you’ve made it this far down the page, thanks and well done!


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