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Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas



Life Lottery


I was chatting to someone the other day about this thought I had. Captivating first sentence that is. Blimey.

Anyway, I played the Euro Millions last Friday. The jackpot was something ridiculous. Around the £30 million mark.

It’s more than that bloke from Dragon’s Den has made in a lifetime. Well the poor one, maybe Theo and Peter Jones have a few more bob in the bank.

So I started thinking, as you do when you play the lottery, what if I actually win this time? This is the kind of money that not only changes my life, but the life of my family, my future children and even grand-children.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Yet I went ahead and potentially changed my life forever, all in a swift contactless payment alongside some semi-skimmed milk and a Snickers.

The thoughts were first of all, all positive. I started thinking that I’d buy a really nice place on the river in London. Boot out some Russian oligarch in Pimlico or something. Would make sure my parents never work again in their lives. Give a ton of cash to my pregnant sister. Buy my brother a Lambo.

But then as soon as I thought that I could go on a really nice holiday with the gf to New York, I realised I’ve got D&AD coming up. Then the rest of the year is pretty hectic leading up to placements.

Wait a second. I’m worrying about placements that pay at an absolute maximum, the London living wage, and I’ve just won £30 million.

But it got me thinking. I reckon I wouldn’t tell anyone if I did win, and would carry on as per usual. I worked so hard to get this far, why should I give up? Because I’ve won some money? Nope.

It’s not like I’m an estate agent showing people around scummy London flats everyday. I’m doing what I’ve finally realised makes me really happy. It might sound strange but I would see the year through, 100%.

I want to work in advertising as a creative. So last Friday, I very quickly realised I’d made a terrible mistake playing the lottery. I was potentially screwing up my future.

I should have stopped at the Snickers. Not been so bloody greedy.

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