Sleep more. – By @PugheScarlet

By Scarlet Pughe


Sleep more.


After reading an article on Live Well, I learnt all about the importance of sleep. 

It’s easy to think about sleep as a time when your body and brain temporarily shuts off. The truth is, however, during rest, your brain is hard at work overseeing a wide variety of biological upkeep and preparing for the next day. More specifically, adequate sleep is necessary to:


Stay Alert. Good sleep allows your mind to regain focus and tackle those tricky mental challenges. It can also stimulate creativity.

Boost Memory. Sleeping is the most important time to shape memories and make the connections between events, feelings and experiences. In fact, sleep is a requirement to form new learning and memory pathways in the brain.

Fight Infection. Sleep is your body’s mechanism to ward off infection. When you don’t get enough, your immune system is weaker, making you more susceptible to illness.

Be Active. Energy levels after healthy sleep are higher, and your mental awareness is more acute. Good sleep is also tied to improved athletic performance, including greater speed, agility and reflexes.

Replenish. During sleep, your body repairs the damage caused by stress, ultraviolet rays and other harmful exposure, as well as muscle injuries and other traumas.


Everyone has their thing they like to spend money on. For me it’s definitely homewear. One of the first things I had to sort out when I moved to Battersea was my bed. I’m a sucker for nice bedding and I have an obsession for cushions. 


My Bed


  • King Size
  • 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets (400 thread count), white and must be ironed. 
  • Nine pillows, two big and soft, two duck down, two goose and duck down and then three for decoration. 
  • Duvet – goose and duck down. 
  • Cashmere spring mattress, with additional feather topper. 
  • Turkish bed throw 


After insuring that I have the most perfect bed to go to sleep in….why am I not sleeping enough in it! This leads me to why I decided to write this blog. On Thursday night I only managed to get four and a half hours sleep. On Friday, I think we had the most intense day since we started at SCA. I felt very sorry for Alex (my partner for the day), as I wasn’t functioning. It felt as if someone had a spoon, stirring my brain and I couldn’t produce any work that was beyond the talent of a four year old. Also any good ideas that were being created I couldn’t see the potential in, as I couldn’t make any logical (or illogical) connections. I’ve realised that we each have a responsibility to the people we work with. If I make the choice to get little sleep, I am sacrificing not only my productivity for the next day but also my partners. Obviously, we will all have days where we aren’t producing the quality of work that we’d like to be. We all have bad days. But this realisation has taught me the importance of self care and the importance of a good night’s sleep. So my focus for the next two weeks will be to manage my time more effectively. Managing my time well, will lead to eating healthier, getting more sleep and hopefully more successful days at SCA. 


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