London calling @joanischris

This is probably not going to be the easiest journey I have ever planned. But this is it and it’s happening right now. London is calling.

This city has always intrigued as I pictured it as a multicultural hub of creativity and opportunity. In this dreamland, it seemed, all of one’s wildest and extravagant creative fantasies could become reality. It’s contradictions also stroke me with the division between young and old people, urban and rural population, the wealthy upper class and the people struggling to make both ends meets. It took me a visit a few years back to realize that.

Then I dreamt about it fantasized even without really knowing what was going on there for me it was this crazy, multicultural, buzzing city on the other side of the channel.How they make that happen that was the mystery. So I wanted in. I wanted to taste the adrenaline of this fast paced city.

After applying and getting in successfully at SCA – Sup de Pub. It was finally time for me to pack my bag and get to London and try to figure out what my place was in this giant city.

When I arrived after a few minutes adapting to the weather and getting soaked it felt right. my collector mind was stimulated by all theses new conceptions that my mind was not accustomed to. It felt like creativity could be stimulated. Inspired.

The different communities throughout the city from this beautiful yet intriguing mesh rich of their own cultures and views.

Getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new culture and references was really what I looking forward to. I’m not disappointed in any regards.

Then I met the wonderful people at SCA, a beehive of great minds keeping your mind sharp and your creative senses on check. I immediately loved it and after a few chats the motivation to accomplish great work was

Anything getting in the way of my growth starting by myself must be changed. inhibition must evaporate, getting rid of my anxieties, things holding me back. put me

in the best conditions. Because in life You gotta be resourceful, always on the breach pushing yourself to the limit explore spheres you didn’t expect existed. This is who I am. Creation lies within me. And then with hard work, I am going to enjoy a pint and embrace the marvelous things happening.

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