Looking after your partner 101: snacks – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin


Looking after your partner 101: snacks


Do you have a partner that slows down after lunch?


Or is quiet in the evenings?


Or even a partner that you want to better your working relationships with?


Read this article to find out more!


Now it’s finally third term and most of us have finally got a partner to settle down with, I will bestow some useful tips to keep your partner happy and maybe not so healthy and that us providing snacks. Snacks come all shapes and sizes and the great way to develop one’s bond with the partner plus the extra sugar is great for that extra boost during the day. The are plenty of moments when your poor art director is just struggling get those layouts done or your copywriter is struggling to find the perfect set of words to go with your ideas, giving them a little chocolate now and then shows the you care about them and they can do this, it’s also a great way to break away from work for a hot second.


The best time to hand them the goods is usually late lunch and early evening as not to ruin dinner for them but the night before deadline you can have another cheeky one later in evening seeing as most of the people in this cohort stress eat. Late lunch is good for chocolates and biscuits although freddos and snickers are good for early evenings depending on the mood, would not recommend eating fancy chocolate during that since you won’t be able to reward yourself later. Sweets, crisps and fruit are better for early evenings since they slightly light which will make you feel less groggy later. Sweets such as fruit pastries are great for a quick pick me up for both your partner and any poor mentor staying behind. Walkers and bananas are always good for Late SCA snack bit don’t be afraid to leave out some peanut butter, hummus or cheese out for those brave wondering singles who may need a pit stop before getting back into the grind.


Once you get into a snack routine you start to know what snacks work best for your partner. With me and Tarun it’s chocolate mainly snickers, since they are crunchy and filling with the occasional bounty or freddo on the side thought I do like random’s sweets every once in a while, so keep note tarun or anyone else if you’re reading this.  


If your not sure what candy your partner is into  use this opportunity to take them out on little SMP shopping and check out what they’re into while also finding those dots on the all the while bettering your relationship. Snack aren’t the be all or end all but does make a okay deterrence for random arguments.


I hope that helps folks.


Next time we look at ways to communicate with your art director in order to make them feel like the are equally a part of the Idea with legendary art director Rachel dishing the goods.


See ya soon

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