Portfolio, Portfolio Where for art thou Portfolio!

It was easy to think, The focus of SCA, was to quickly and effectively smash out briefs from companies and move on to the next one as soon as you caught your breath back. Now the longer-term planning and look to the end of the course has begun, with the start of portfolios. 

Portfolios, it’s just something you have to make time for, you have to find all the moments you can and take a minute from the host of tasks that SCA will throw at you. For online students it might be a little harder, it’s hard to know when to stop working on one thing and work on the other, at least that’s how I find it.  It’s nice to start thinking long-term and building something that will represent you in the future, but it’s still blooming stressful, wouldn’t be SCA if it wasn’t. 

Oh but the biggest love stories of the portfolio still lie with the partner I will share it with. After the speedy dating, the short-term love affairs and perhaps slightly drunken text messages late on a Saturday night. I’ve had my first breakup. 

You can’t help but be disappointed when you pegged reasons for the failure of previous work on more external factors, realising that the minds don’t complement each other in ways that they could, and communication is as bad as it always was, and probably won’t improve. When the ideas and fun turn quickly into frustration and unkind words you know it’s time to move on.

It may be easy to feel bitter and lost on the shore of heartache if this wasn’t after a couple of dates. How creatives go about managing break-ups after years, maybe decades is something that must be a true and real struggle. Luckily for us, we didn’t make it,  2 weeks. A near miss perhaps, a shame one could say, or maybe just a chance to try being solo for a while,  to sleep around or go out on my own. To try to work on craft and art direction, the weaker elements of my game that may or may not one day be filled by a partner but perhaps, for now, shouldn’t be. If I am to become to best creative I can be, then perhaps it is what I need to do. 

For now though a moment for the lost loves, tragic separations and the ones that never got started. 

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