Loose Bananas, by @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


Loose Bananas


Everyone learns new things at different stages of their lives. 

Sometimes we learn things too late and have to suffer the consequences and sometimes we learn in advance of it being required which is always a good feeling (and equally very efficient).

Some of these things are simple but can have a profound effect on our everyday life. Some are slightly unnecessary but thats cool – you never know. Then some.. some are just darn handy.

Loose bananas.

I’m living on my own for the first time and I wanted to start this year trying to be as healthy as possible. Bananas were never a go-to item; but recently I’ve been liking them!

So I popped into Sainsbury’s to buy a few bits and thought to myself:

‘Oh, I’ll get some bananas.’

At this point I had two options: 

A)Do I buy the bunch of 5 in the packet for 85p?

or do I..

B) Get one of the loose, unpackaged bunches?

After thinking that I didn’t need 5 and trying to be environmentally friendly going anti-packaging, I opted for the latter. 

As weird as it sounds I’ve never actually bought banana’s before – I have always been more of an apple person.

I pulled two off and hoped they wouldn’t be a similar price to the pack of five, because of the funny supermarket price system if you don’t buy in bulk.

I made my way to the self service check out.

Clicked bananas.

Put them on to be weighed.


= 20p.


Twenty pence.


2 banana’s for 20p. 

I did a double take.

I realise this must sound like the most basic, mundane story, but to me this was a big discovery. I had never realised how cheap bananas were – and the story gets better. 

They were Fairtrade. 

Good for the planet. Good for your health. And good for your bank account. 

I think I’m just a little late on this one.

Enough banana talk. I just thought this might help anyone with a spare 20p and realising there’s nothing you can buy except from a single Freddo but lets not get onto that one.

Looking forward to meeting you all next week!


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