Two SCABs From Nunu – By @Nunumrmas

Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos



What is stopping you? We are just learning how to fly so prepare yourself for what is coming. I try to concentrate this excitement and fear enjoying this journey. It’ll be quick and unique so if something doesn’t work just change it. Do what you feel, use the heart it’s never wrong. Don’t think, act. We are here to do the most and sometimes our instinct tell us what we should do to solve it. Don’t ignore it, repair it and keep doing your stuff much better than before. I know it and you know it so believe yourself and do it.

This is what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and what I am doing. Because we are here to fly and no one is going to stop us! Learn how and lets do it together. Now, forget the pressure and stress and enjoy the journey that it’ll be quick and unique. 



This words are for you because you teach me the most important thing to do in advertising. You made me grow everyday, arriving late as always but with a big smile and energy to come up with something new at home. You told me how to think and be creative. You showed me what was to be a hard working person, yeah sometimes with little tricks but helped a lot to develop my lateral thinking. You let me fly. You let me dream. You let me go as far as I wanted to go, just waiting for me when I came back. You made me understand the others and listen, probably I got used to because you talk too much and I don’t. You let me cry. You leaved me alone when I was upset because you know that it was not that important. You made me laugh for stupid things and learnt that is essential for live! You let me love. You encouraged me to fail. You encouraged me to take risks. You celebrated my goals. You made me who I am. You never doubt. 

Thank you, mum and dad, to always say “do what make you happy” because is the most incredible thing to do in life and in advertising.

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