Marc is a dictator and you are all his slaves, by @benedicttatham

Benedict Tatham

By Benedict Tatham – From the 2015/16 Intake


Marc is a dictator and you are all his slaves

Having read numerous blogs written by this 2014/15 ‘MOSH’ intake I have suddenly come to a sneaky suspicion…

We’ve all been tricked, indoctrinated and damn right deceived into thinking we are going to learn about how to make great advertising when we start at SCA!

You’ve all heard what people are saying on the streets, “It’s somewhere between kindergarten and a religious cult”  

“Pubes are the first thing they want to see”  

“At the weekends they meet with Satan and do crack. They do do crack straight into their eyes”

Marc is a just dictator disguised in funny clothes, smoking some unbeknown substance, making his little minions write little pieces of SCA propaganda in the form of SCABS:

“This will without doubt be the best year of your life”

“I love you Marc”

“Thank you Marc”

“Without SCA I would be no one, nowhere, nothing….I owe everything to SCA and so will you…remember me Marc”

One slave even wrote a bloody song about the man!! 

This has to be the most give away line, “How right or wrong or twisted you can’t let him past you by. You cannot forget the legend who from white pillars will cry – we sell or we die”

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THERE! (she looked scared)

Don’t be fooled 2015/16 intake, you are already being lured into Marc’s lair…. the process has already begun. 

You are not going to SCA to learn how to make good ads  – you are there to sell the school…..and die for Marc!

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