Marc Lewis – Decoded, by @ClarissaDale94

Clarissa Dale

By Clarissa Dale


Marc Lewis – Decoded


This is my penultimate SCAB, before I leave and post an emotional SCAB, I feel it’s my duty to pass on some advice about how to decode Marc’s enigmatic and cryptic behaviour. 


When Marc says ‘So…’ really slowly, it means “Your idea isn’t very good, but it could be, if you just listen to me and do my idea.” 


When Marc shuts his eyes and puffs his E-cigarette slowly, it means, “Do not disturb me, I am thinking, and doing the six hat process in my mind, it takes time so please do not speak.” 


When Marc says “You’re the smartest year there has ever been”, it’s probably true. SCA is doing better and better, I wish I was doing another year…. 


When Marc stamps his feet after he’s made a joke it means “I am hilarious, that was a good joke.” 


When Marc shouts “YEAH!”, it means you’ve done a really good piece of work that has surpassed expectations. Well done. 


When Marc kisses you on the forehead, it means “Today is a great day, and I like this student, s/he he is a good guy/girl.”


When Marc doesn’t reply to your email, it means “This is irrelevant, and I will cover this topic in town hall tomorrow morning.”


When Marc says “If I were you, I’d be doing 30 campaigns a week”, it means “If I exaggerate and make them feel bad about themselves, they might do 3.5 a week, that’ll be good.”


Finally, when Marc says you’ve got into SCA, what he really means is “You’re about to have the best year of your life, be grateful.” 

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