My Favourite Pubs in Brixton – By @danieljburkitt

By Dan Burkitt


My Favourite Pubs in Brixton

Some of you may know Brixton well already, but for anyone joining SCA and coming from other parts of London/the country/the world – I want to share some advice.

I have lived in south west London my whole life and have been to a lot of pubs, so this is one of my few areas of expertise. Here is the definitive ranking of my favourite pubs in Brixton:


  • The Duke of Edinburgh – Houses the largest beer garden I have ever encountered and on a nice evening it’s a glorious place to be. The novelty of the trains going past above you (only a few metres away) also gives me a slightly nerdy thrill. Otherwise a fairly standard pub with standard prices and standard ambience.


  • The Windmill – An old school rock music venue, hidden up the end of a side street. Go and pay three quid to hear your mate’s shit band or potentially someone who might end up being quite big (this actually happened to me, see: Shame). The atmosphere is always strange and memorable.


  • Hootenanny – Large (sometimes live) music venue with a big garden. Nice and sweaty inside, if that’s your thing. This (or The Effra Social next door) is probably the kind of place you would take your cousin if they came to visit London for the first time and you wanted to show them somewhere interesting and trendy but not so interesting and trendy it makes you want to punch the bar staff. I watched England lose the world cup semi-final here so I don’t think I can go back for a while. The scars haven’t quite healed.


  • The Prince Albert – Formerly a gloriously backward Old Man Pub (carpeted dance floor, several blokes sat unflinching the bar even when the queue was four people deep behind them, etc.) the Albert’s charm has been severely dented by its recent renovation. But price is king and the Albert offers very competitive prices (three shots for a fiver and pints for under four quid), along with the added allure of a) A back garden-courtyard and b) Some amazingly strange artwork on the walls.


  • The Beehive – Wetherspoons is the greatest institution in the UK and their Brixton branch does not disappoint. It smells weird, it’s dingy, you probably wouldn’t take your mum there. Ultimately, it’s a spoons. But where else can you actually afford to get pissed? Come in, get yourself a two quid pint and a bowl of chips – or you can stay outside with all the other snobs and teetotallers.

These rankings are correct as of August 2018 but may be subject to change. If you have conflicting opinions then please contact me and we can debate this further.

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