MY FIRST WEEK AT SCA:(Or rather, various thoughts that have been rattling around my head)

How have I already lost 3 pens?

Can you please let me finish making notes on that slide?

You should definitely tap into your nutty side – that’s where all the fun begins.

Say whatever it is you’re thinking. You’re not here to sit in silence. Get involved.

We really need therapy puppies once a week. Pip doesn’t love me enough (yet).

Should I really be eating Greggs every day?

Only thing stressing me out more than the workload are the studio chairs. Fuck me.

Really spent too long trying to figure out if that ‘write it again’ logo was broken or not.

Spend more time reading the brief. READ THE BRIEF.

Two hours sat on those chairs is torture for your tushy and I can’t stress that enough.

Hours literally disappear in the blink of an eye on day briefs. Be careful.

A great way of describing it so far is like baptising a cat. In your brain. Every day.

Day by day my pronunciation of reciprocity is getting worse.

Max is great. But always late. Tut tut.

Working on gratitude in the mornings actually is setting a nice tone for the day, can’t lie.

On the average day I think my brain has reduced itself to putty by 4PM.

All the time I’m surprising myself with what I’m putting out, especially with tight deadlines.

These mentors are absolutely batshit and I love it.

Multiple attempts at making something sound clever will never beat keeping it simple.

Briefs brief briefs. Is anyone else dreaming of them yet or is it just me?

Over the 31 years of my life, I don’t think I’ve heard the term ‘dead babies’ so often.

The amount of recognisable work that has come out of SCA is actually mad.

Weekends have never felt more like the calm before the storm (in a good way).

Marc – specifically his attire – grows on me each day and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Are you ever going to be able to say reciprocity without fumbling the absolute shit out of it?

You know, I’m actually incredibly grateful to be amongst such amazing, smart creatives.

Serious though. Therapy puppies. That’d be dope.

Bonus: if you didn’t already, read the first line of every sentence for the big one. Bonkers.


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