My head is spinning – By @t0o_ma1nstr3am

My head is spinning

This week I’ve been stuck in bed and quite frankly it has been absolutely pants. 

I know that many students at SCA would like to think that more time in bed would leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the next week at Ad School, but this week has been anything but.

Any time I move, my head rushes, as though a wave is rushing from my feet right up to my ears and everything starts to spin. This has left me feeling constantly nauseous and wishing for a stomach of steel, that would enable me to power through with my project. 

Alas, however hard I wished, the stomach of steel did not miraculously appear. That is to say, it got worse as the week progressed and much to my dismay this was not something I could power-on-through with. 

As these blog posts are meant to be reflective, here comes my reflection. 

I have learned that I am not very good at being ill. I am a terrible patient and I CANNOT sit still. 

Being stuck in bed has allowed me time to think, decompress (a little) and importantly, to process the different techniques that we have been learning over the past couple of weeks at SCA. 

How could I make the most of such a rubbish situation? 

Good question. 

Being stuck in bed, with limited screen time, I have had to find ways to hack my brain into short bursts of concentration, so as not to make myself feel dizzier or nauseous. This led me to a task which we have been asked to carry out every day for 21 days: a ‘Mess Journal’. A task which requires you to note down things that annoy, frustrate and aggravate you so much, that you feel something must be done about it. Or, those tiny things that you often overlook. Basically, anything you or I would call ‘mess’. 

This week I have found a whole host of messy problems, from trying to tackle speaking to people in Plymouth, despite now firmly residing in London, to wishing I could telepathically send ideas to my partner so that we could collaborate without any need for screens or even for me to be conscious! Wouldn’t that be something?!?!

I’m quite sure this idea won’t be winning a D&AD pencil any time soon, and it is important to recognise which of the mess finding ideas are utter tripe, already exist or could have some potential; which is the next place I’ll be heading, just as soon as my head stops spinning!

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