My hot date – By @orla27marie

By Orla O’Connor


My hot date



As I have said in previous scabs I feel I lost my way a little at the end of SCA last year. So this summer I decided to take myself on the ultimate date. We went to Italy first Venice then Florence. Some of the most romantic places on earth. What can I say I’m a real gent. I wanted to push myself, I’ve been away before alone, but it was through an organisation.  This time it was all me, me organising, me planning which is not my strong suit. But I kept reminding myself if any idiot can book a holiday I can sure as hell go travelling.


So there I was in Venice. I decided to conquer the age old eating alone in a restaurant challenge. Although I got some funny looks from other diners I realised I was very happy with my date. I’m not that bad. Don’t get me wrong I made mistakes and luck was not on my side last year but deep down I think I’m an alright girl. I’m confident enough to trust my instincts and I won’t doubt them again. I am perfectly happy being me and I’m perfectly happy dating me. And at the end of the day that’s all I’ve got I can’t be someone else I’m not Cindy Sherman.
Since that moment I decided I should date myself more often.  In an effort to make sure I stay connected with myself.  And I must say I’ve had a fab time.  I’ve taken myself to the cinema, to gallery day’s drawing, to wine tasting, I’ve even had a couples massage alone (sorry private joke).  And the list I’m sure will continue.  If anyone is feeling a little down at the moment I would highly suggest a hot date with yourself would pick you right up, because who doesn’t like being wined and dined.

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