My partner nearly lost his hearing, forever. By @Benedicttatham

Benedict Tatham

By Benedict Tatham


My partner nearly lost his hearing, forever.

Yesterday Tristan had to go to hospital. His hearing had got so bad that 
he was having to lean across a small trestle table just to catch what I was saying.
It had been getting progressively worse for months. 
I always thought I had some part to play in the deterioration of his ears.
No, not the crap that I spurt out on a regular basis, but this time
he came to one of my band practices. During one song the feedback was so loud everyone rushed to put
their hands over their ears. Tristan was standing right next to the speakers.
For a man who’s passion and soul is his music, I can’t imagine the fear he had before going in
before his check up. For all he knew, he was about to hear (albeit not particularly well) the worst news a musician 
could ever be told, ‘You’re going deaf.’  I for one was thinking of how I’d live with the guilt of knowing that I’d played a part 
in forever stripping him of his ability to hear and his ability to play. 
Anyway, turns out he just wasn’t clearing his ears out properly…
Tristan, Tristan, Tristan. Nonetheless, what a relief.
p.s cotton buds £1 Poundland.

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