By Zoe Jessica Dawson



OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE. For limited time only, get your opportunity totally free, right here. People who don’t have a keen eye for a good sale might read opportunity is nowhere but not you, right? You know your ‘3 for £12’ from your ‘buy 2 at £6 and get third free!’ and you’ve spotted this one.


Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to show you how to make the most of your deal, with 10 great ways to find creative opportunity in the mundane.


  1. Instagram! Instagram is a grid waiting to be art directed on, and a caption is a blank page for copy, no matter if you post about nail art or aliens. Capturing an audience and getting them to click like is advertising. Opportunity to create content on your own terms, you never know who might see it.
  2. Your tinder profile. As above. Opportunity to advertise yourself and maybe even get laid.
  3. Shit briefs. Look at it this way; if you find something fun to say when everyone else is too busy complaining about the client (/Marc), you’re winning the race. Opportunity to take first place by being the only one that competes.
  4. Nice things. You like something? Cool! Get other people to like it too! Easy! Opportunity to make ads for things you love!
  5. Bad things. You hate something? Great! Channel that hatred and make something better! Easy! Opportunity to make ads you don’t hate even in a world you do.
  6. Conversations with random people. Uber driver? Friendly checkout man? Lonely old lady? Neighbours dog? Whoever they are, they’re full of insights about the world through eyes that aren’t yours.  Opportunity to soak them up and use them for ideas.
  7. Birthday cards. Personalised topicals. Opportunity to show your friends you’re basically Don Draper.
  8. Social causes. No charity is ever going to say no to a bit of free advertising if you offer. Alternatively, make stuff for marches or movements. If you’re passionate about it, your work will be better, and people share that shit like crazy. Opportunity to go viral and feel good.
  9. SCABS. I’m sorry for being an arse licker. But I’ve made videos, buzzfeed quizes. Illustrations and also written a load of shit blog posts like this one – SCABs are just a good opportunity to reflect. No one’s going to give your thoughts and opinions as much attention as they do here, I’m sorry but it’s true. Opportunity to spend 500 words bitching and still get praised for it.
  10. You’re either at SCA, going to be at SCA, used to be at SCA, or are otherwise invested in SCA. Which is hands down the best opportunity in the world. Don’t waste it soak it all up like a creative little sponge.

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