#Newblood by @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst



It’s Tuesday the twentieth of March. It’s NEW BLOOD Deadline. And it’s almost the end.

I’m surprised how calm I am at this stage, probably because of lack of sleep and the confidence of our ideas. Although the journey to this point wasn’t easy.

I remember saying to Jem two weeks ago: “Let’s play a game for 20 minutes, if we then don’t come up with any idea for the JCDecaux brief, then let’s scratch it.” Our final spark, accrued. We both made word association about London for a minute. But there wasn’t even a single word we had in common. Not even after the seven rounds. This showed us that everybody experienced London in their own way. And there it was, our big idea.

A similar thing happened to the Hasbro brief, our final game is actually the third game concept we came up with. And it was totally worth it.

After fixating both ideas, I felt way more confident. I knew what to do, and I knew how to do it.
But I also remember from last year, that you probably will work until 4 in the morning before the deadline. And we did, this time it became 5:30, not to mention the amount of hours before that day. This habit is what brought me into SCA and this habit will hopefully win us a pencil this time too.

I’m sure everybody who takes part in New Blood will experience the same. Some might manage the time better than I did, but still you’ll work until your last chance. I really missed that feeling, when you worked on such a huge project and then it’s finally done. It’s like giving birth. First of all painful, but as soon as it is finished you forget all the efforts. And you have the most peaceful sleep afterwards.

In terms of SCA, New Blood is a great opportunity to dive into something very deep. Now I can really work on craft, as I was used too. I appreciate that we produce a tonne of ideas, but sometimes I feel a bit sad not giving them the crafting they would deserve. With New Blood I can show what I’m capable of, where my strengths are and what makes me me.

Also a nice side note it’s such an amazing feeling when you produce something real, and hold it in your hands. In our case we ordered the playing cards from MOO and they did a wonderful job. Less screen, more print.

Regardless of the outcome of New Blood, we’ll print a few decks. So whoever wants to buy one is welcome to. Just drop me a message and I’ll figure out how much we’ll order. Today we’ll introduce you (SCA students) to the rules and game play. It’s going to be fun. Give us a shout if you want to try it out.

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