Culture of Happiness – By @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini

Culture of Happiness


Aaaaah Gladriano is back. In the last week I’ve been asked so many times how I can so so happy all of the time. Apparently I spread a lot of happiness around the class, and now everyone has run out of their own happiness, I feel like a drug dealer. In the last month I have seen many of my comrades’ moods go up and down, from happy to super grumpy. And Adriano don’t like grumpy people. Or sad people or mad people. So here are some tips for this intake and for the next, on how to be happy all year long at SCA.


It all starts in the morning. First of all smile, it’s so easy.

Don’t look out of the window. We don’t care about the weather. Just dress how you feel.

Stop wearing boring black clothes, or the same outfit every day (in my opinion all these super rich people who always dress the same are just lazy as fuck.)

As every Italian will say (even though I’m Switalian I lived in Italy for three years) a good breakfast makes everyone happy, so take enough time to enjoy a good breakfast. My suggestion is to buy a mokka ( the Italian way to do good coffee, not the one everyone drink at SCA in powder, that not coffee )

Once on the bus don’t stick on your phone just look around and see what normal people do in the morning, or spy what your seat neighbor is doing on his phone, it’s really fun.

Arrive at SCA and listen to Marc and is talk about work work work work work and how you gonna have an amazing life in the future. Once he finished start having this amazing life, obviously working but at the same time enjoy working. It seem a stupid advice but so many times we forgot about how lucky we are and how we entered this school having fun.

So instead of work work work work work as a old friend was saying start saying fun fun fun fun fun and the life is gonna be so better.

Be true with yourself from the beginning. Don’t stop dreaming because you think there is a limit. If you want to be president of the USA and you are Spanish, there are no problem. Call me we can fix it ( here is my number 079/67002205).

After a day at SCA that probably is gonna start at 8 and finish at 8 in the evening do something else. We became so boring if we do only advertising. Go home and watch a film, read a book, organize a BBQ with 30 people and a gang, take a boat, do a pirouette, ENJOY LIFE. Because we live only once and if we don’t live happy there are no reason to not change our life again.

And to conclude the day just go to sleep, sleeping is really important. I love sleeping and dreaming. I normally have a small notebook next to my bed so I can write down what I dream and create campaign out of it (**SPOILER** new campaign for skittles. We discover where they came from and it’s from a fat guy eating fruit. While his eating hair appear on his shoulder, long rainbow hair that go out of the windows and enter a fabric and became Skittles. Tadaaaaanh amazing campaign).


Yeah but seriously guys, enjoy life. It’s cool


P.s. If you see a Sadriano in the room come to kiss me, and I will be Gladriano again

P.p.s. Love you all

P.p.s. Don’t call that number is Nils Leonard one.

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