*Playing “Hello Word” by The Saddle Club in the background*

Hello world! This is me: Alternatively, you can call me Iriska (That’s my grandmothers nickname for me; I call her Grandma Gucci.) I´m 24 years old, from a tiny town in Norway called Oslo. (For those familiar with geography beyond UK, you might be thinking: “Wait, isn’t that the capital? Indeed, it is.) I hold a bachelor´s degree in copywriting from earlier on. I moved to London to start at SCA, because, why not?

Since I´m Norwegian (and got a sprinkle of Polish too, but that’s a different story), I thought you – my future classmates- might find it useful to have a little “Iris dictionary”:

Faen– a stronger expression for “fuck” in Norwegian

Og– which means “and”

Ikke sant– translates to “isn’t it right?”

Where is my snus?!– my desperate cry for my Norwegian tobacco

HÆLVETE– the northern (Norwegian) dialect version of “hell”

Ømhmmmm– when I´m thinking out loud

Oh my God, we can buy liquors at the supermarket! – we can’t do that in Norway.

JAAAA– a big, resounding “YES”

Åååååå, what´s the word again…– when I´m thinking too fast in Norwegian and can´t translate my thoughts quickly enough

Ehmmm, where is that? – I´m still a little lost

Klart det er hardt– of course it’s tough..

It is what it is or ir-is what ir-is– because it’s funny (haha)

Al dente– to describe something that is kind of weird or funny

Oh, we don’t have that in Norway– me being excited about something (everything)

Is that expensive? – the Norwegian krone is low enough that 1 pound corresponds to 13 Norwegian kroner…

I can´t wait to meet all of you!!! THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! See you September 19th!

iris slazak løken


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