You do not want to read this! By @MalouStitz

By Malou Stitz


You do not want to read this!

Okay, if you are reading this, it means that (a) the headline got you interested or (b) you don’t give a damn about rules 😀 That’s good. I hate rules. Especially stupid rules. You do not want to continue reading. 
If you do, prepare yourself for a long list of hate.
Meaning, this SCAB is a very straight forward list of things that bothers me. Things that I hate. Because apparently it’s good to hate things in advertising. Hate means problems. And problems means solutions. 
Okay, here we go. And apologies for the rudeness in some of them 😉 
I hate all people. Why are we so stupid?
I hate how no one can prove that Gods exist 
I hate that food gives me comfort
I hate being cold
I hate losing an argument
I hate the London traffic
I hate how freshly boiled water is always too hot to drink, and then it gets too cold
I hate forgetting stuff
I hate that I don’t have a super memory
I hate losing stuff
I hate sleepless nights
I hate that the day only consist of 24 hours.
I hate that I need to sleep 6-7 hours of those 24
I hate paying bills
I hate people that smell
I hate that I no longer can have gluten or dairy 
I hate stupid things
I hate narrow-minded minds
I hate how things always look clean for only 2 minutes, then they look messy again 
I hate how quickly a room gets messy
I hate that flowers die
I hate throwing food away
I hate slow internet
I hate not having internet at all
I hate how addicted we all are to technology 
I hate that the city smells
I hate that paper plates are so thin
I hate stains on clothing
I hate that fabric wrinkles 
I hate people that are late
I hate that no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I’m always late
I hate meaningless Facebook posts
I hate that it costs the same to mail a letter across the country as it does across the street
I hate when my phone is low on juice
I hate hair in the shower/drain
I hate that I can’t draw
I hate that too much alcohol makes the room spin
I hate the seeds in honey melon
I hate opening an avocado that isn’t good
I hate that when I see something pretty on someone else, I don’t know where to buy it
I hate wasting time
I hate instruction manuals – and that you can never find our own language 
I hate bitter tea
I hate being hungover
I hate that this hating list is so long
I hate that I could continue this for hours
I hate that I need to stop now in order not to create the longest SCAB in history
I hate long lists
Aaaaand finally. Just to reassure you, I do actually like a lot of things in case you were wondering. Some things I even love. Like sunshine, Brunello, holidays and kittens. But I hate that I can’t always have those things. So as I said earlier. Hating things is good. It means there’s something you can change for the better. =)
Xx Malou

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