No half measures – By @HFoenander

By No half measures


No half measures


We’re half way through half-term, which means we’re half way through the year, we’re also at about 50% of our potential workload. We’ve all got about half a portfolio, half a notion of what this job is all about and half a chance of getting a job at the end of the year.


That’s a lot of halves. At this point in the year, we’re half way there. But we’ve got a long way to go until we reach 100%. Early on in the school year, Marc talked to us about the exponential, he told us that in the last few months of school our learning will increase tenfold. At the time I didn’t really believe him, I’d already learnt so much by that point, how could the rate which I learn increase so dramatically?


Now that I’m about to enter that stage of the school, I’m starting to understand what he was talking about.


We’re just about to enter D&AD season, which means we’re going to be putting everything we’ve got and more into cracking the briefs, at the same time, we’ve got to get our portfolios looking beautiful, we should all also be thinking about chip shop, about getting book crits, about networking, passion projects and so much more. It seems like a lot to consider.


But one of the most important things I’ve learnt so far, is that the more intense the work, the more you feel like there’s too much to handle, the more pressure, the higher the rate of learning is.


When you’re under extreme time pressure to come up with something brilliant, knowledge isn’t being gently offered to you, it’s being shoved into your brain.


It’s a bit like Marc is mercilessly beating us with his knowledge stick, it hurts and it’s annoying, you feel battered and bruised when it’s over, but you come back with experience that will make the next problem you have to solve easier to crack.


So when I say we’re half way there, I suppose we’re really not. We will learn a much larger proportion in the last few weeks than in the 6 months we’ve been at the school. If Marc’s right, and the learning is exponential, we’ve barely scratched the surface,


The amount and quality of work we will have to produce over the next few months, will certainly leave us feeling broken, but once we’ve recovered I’m certain that the confidence and reactions we’ve learnt will be invaluable when we get into the industry. And hopefully by then, we’ll have reached 100%. 

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