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By @FrazerPrice


The temp art teacher gave us a brief of ‘hold 6 eggs’. I decided that while this brief could be exciting It would be much more exciting to break the 6 eggs.

My younger self set to work designing a complex chain reaction machine that involved a ferries wheel, handle powered elevator and twisting runways.

I showed the teacher in charge my paper plans.


“That will never work” she said. “Plus you only have 1 week”.


I worked late into the night every day. I was in the studio before everyone else and I was the last one to leave being ushered out by the cleaner each evening. I replotted, redesigned, tested, failed, collapsed, restructured.




I showed myself that I could achieve the impossible if I commit myself. This is true of all things. All things apart from Arduino.


My Arduino takes the form of a student called ‘Chad’ (name has been changed to protect identity). Chad was a student in the same year that won my ‘who gets to smash up the egg machine because it’s too big to take home’ competition.


Apart from the only difference between my follow student Chad and my Arduino Chad is that my Arduino Chad never won the competition to break my work – it just went ahead and did it anyway, randomly and differently each time.


For me, building a egg breaking machine in a week isn’t impossible. But making something ambitious over a few months with my brain and Arduino is.


The result being that I have a severely simplified version of what I had intended, no temp teacher to be smug too and hope that the exciting time at SCA will be less Arduino based and more ANYTHING ELSE A ALL Marc…LITERALLY ANYTHING…PLEASE.

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