Not just a load of pot air… By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy


Not just a load of pot air…

Monday morning. You struggle to wake. But fear not. Hit snooze and sink into the cold side of that pillow. Cook those poached eggs. Make your lunch. Finish watching that  episode of pretty little liers. Trim your toe nails. Take a longer shower. Which outfit? Try a few on, indulge yourself. Have an extra shot of badman in your frappe latte. 

For today is your lucky day friend. Are you a duvet wetter? An evaporation fanboy? Or do you go wet? Well forget it. The Pot Air 3000 is here. Simply plug in your hairdryer and allow The Pot Air 3000 to dry your body in less 10 seconds or you money back (dependant on skin saturation and volume).  Let the warm umami scents awaken you.  This will own the body dryer market.
It will be what Corby is to the trouser press. It is not just a load of hot air.
Want one?
Visit and retweet. 

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