On becoming a sponge.

One skill I have retained from my contemporary dance training is how to embody an inanimate object.

Upon seeing the list of prep before starting SCA I knew there was only one way in which to fully emerge myself….become a sponge.

Just like a method actor I have begun to recognise my likeness to the beyond docile creature.

My advertising knowledge is filled with holes and I need to absorb it all.

There is no point in being a fake synthetic sponge, I need to be the real deal. I need to cling to this great barrier advertising reef. Much like a living sponge I need to be constantly absorbing this information to avoid the fatality of ending up shrivelled in your great aunties bathroom display.

From reading and listening to Marc’s recommendation list I already have some helpful quotes I can squeeze out.

1.“The way to succeed is to walk through brick walls” – Ben Priest                                      

2. “Adverts are like a man in the pub, if you meet them and their boring you hope you don’t bump into them again” – Sir Frank Lowe

3. “Most people go straight to the solution, but the problem is more entertaining” – John   Stingley

4. “The reverse side has a reverse side”- Luke Sullivan 

Of course there is so much more to soak up. (Will this metaphorical sponge train ever end?) Just like Dave Dye’s advice to his student to “be like magpies” (more metamorphosis?!) I am gleeful that I get to discover the treasure chest of the old Annuals,

the Stone Henges of the ad industry. 

In addition to this I feel Rory Sutherland’s book Alchemy has me questioning the real why? I find myself now questioning the true motifs of people’s purchases. Like a retrospective detective working a cold case. Why secondary school girls in Newcastle armed themselves with the plastic Jane Norman bags in the early 2000’s? It clearly wasn’t a logical, functional or a high fashion choice. A niche case but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Adding these lenses to my perspective on my surroundings has defiantly got me questioning out loud more. Working as a nanny the unfiltered opinions I receive from the child has given me insight into what a brand impact can do. The lack of trust of even a different type of pepper packet can lead some people to resort to tasteless food than try something new.


Can a sponge feel? Debated by biologist, but this sponge does. 

I am defiantly excited to begin SCA  but also nervous. However I don’t believe that’s necessarily a bad thing. Like the sister of excitement it just doesn’t know where to put it’s energy – I guess this explains the sponge metaphors…

It’s also pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’ve already learnt so much.

(fun fact: crabs sometimes use sponges as hats)

Onwards and upwards and ready to face September as it quickly approaches and as I attempt to juggle five eggs in the name of creative advertising. 

Stay spongey.


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