Year’s End SCAB – By @decadokhan

Tomasz Wojcik

By Tomasz Wojcik


Year’s end SCAB

This is what SCA does. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride, turns you up ‘n down with speed and with little evidence of slowing down. It’s like you’ve been chopped in pieces and put into a milkshake. It’s you again but mixed and shaken with a bit more flavour on top. This is how you realize who you really are and where you want to be. This is where you are encouraged to flourish and pushed to untap your creative powers. This is where a new you is born.
And for that metamorphosis I will be forever grateful to SCA – Marc, Ian,

Clare and Honor, all the mentors for providing me with the directions on

my first true spiritual journey of finding self.
A bit of an oddball here at SCA where creative advertising is the main focus on the course. Before the school started I had a genuine love for good adverts and this hasn’t change. Thought I could do well in producing them. I was wrong. I am destined for something else. Technology applied creatively. It all fired up in a strange way after Marc asked me if I could try doing some arduino projects. I’ve tinkered and tempered, hacked and geeked out.

Now I feel it is just the beginning – I am waking up to a brave new

world out of my own desire and volition. Since technology has more to

offer than thousands of lives could grasp, I do not have that much time left

to show off my skills to the world. Something really important SCA tought me.

Ideas can be applied to anything you want, creativity can take you to

the place where your passion lies. Blend them together to form a strong bond

that will leave you satisfied with the work that you want to do. I am

finally on the right track. Are you?


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