On Melancholy Hill – By @Antonio_line_

By Antonio Castellano


On Melancholy Hill

During Ruby’s last radio show, Forrest played On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz. And I can’t stop listening it. It’s just perfect for the last week of term 1. I’m still playing it right now while I’m writing, on monday evening. My gut is restless, it’s just the first day of the week but I can  already feel the end. I know that may sound tragic but these 3 months have been like a roller coaster, and this break is an end for a lot of things.


First of all my french friends. At the beginning of the course I knew a lot of them would be going after term 1. Some people may not have hung out with them for that reason but, on the other hand, I got so close to them for that same reason. Sharing as much as possible before they leave. I’ve made such a genuine friendships but even if someone is staying at SCA, someone is leaving. Someone will still be in London but it won’t be the same. I’m really sad. I know I’ll have to say goodbye to everyday life and to everyone in July. I’m starting to really feel it this week. I could spend all this SCAB talking about what I like about these people and about our friendship but I should probably tell them in person.


Another change will be how we look at our classmates. At the beginning all the school was about was teaching us how to do a great advertising campaign. But in the last couple of weeks it’s just turned into finding a partner. I already have my top 3 in my mind but I guess I need to try around 10 more copywriters. We have 7 more months but my fear is that some on my top 3 will partner up in the next few months. So I’m not sure how to act to fight this fear. Maybe keep doing what I’m doing: being devoted to the school. Marc and the mentors say not to worry about it but it really feels like one of the most important choices that will influence the next 5 years or who knows how long.


What about this term? Amazing. Everything. From the first day, to the mouse in the nightmare flat, to the amazing copywriters I’ve worked with. All of these have changed me. And London has too. By the time you read this I would had traveled to Rome. Not sure I’m happy to be heading back. I’ve finally found my place here. I’ve been (more or less) taking to the rhythm of the course. But like everything, it will pass. And I’ll be soon writing my next SCAB.


I could stay here spending lines and lines to try to describe all this experience, these 3 amazing months. The people that I met. But it’s time for me to go. And also for some wonderful friends.


Thanks for everything,


au revoir

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