Rhiannon’s Last SCAB – By @ThatPinkSuit

Rhiannon Butlin

By Rhiannon Butlin


SCA is ending. But with it comes the beginning of something else. Reminding us that life is really just a series of beginnings. In my last Scab I talked about re-learning. Re-learning the lessons SCA taught us, over and over again.  
Because no one is ever truly finished. 
When Matisse lost his eye-sight it was not an end but a beginning. He re-learnt everything all over again and in doing so, reformulated himself as an artist. 
If I’ve learnt anything in the past year it’s that we’re all going to live forever as some sort of dystopian digital avatars. 
So I figure we can all breath a sigh of relief. There’s no concrete resolution coming in the next few months, and there probably isn’t one coming in the next few years. 
So have a go at making a beginning you like in the coming weeks. And if you don’t like that one, just get up and give it another go. 

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