Sam and SUN, By @13samuels

Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


SCAB time and it feels about as painful as picking an actual scab! 

I actually feel pretty good at the moment and life is great, so why am I typing through gritted finger tips? Am I afraid of looking deep in the recess of my mind… Well maybe just a little. 
I just feel blank or at least my mind does. 
Luckily I had the pleasure of listening to Mark Palmer last week, a man who certainly does not suffer from blank mind syndrome, what if I just pretend to to be Mark? Ok I m liking this,already feel a lot more lively!
I am going to S.U.N now!
Suspend ! hmm guess that involves taking a deep deep breath and not reacting . Difficult, I love reacting absolutely love it, much as I tell myself otherwise, but not right now. l ‘m breathing and listening to my thoughts ahhhh no don’t listen Sam watch them! Wow! Quite a show!
Now I need to Understand. Well it’s early and I ve drunk a lot of coffee so that aside I need to understand that I m in the here and now and that’s it, can’t change that. I feel better already! Now to nurture, just saying ‘nurture’ makes me feel better, and by nurturing my blank state I ve got to here… The end. 
In all seriousness using Mark ‘s SUN philosophy would make so many things a lot easier in life. Bottom line stay positive people!

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