One minute thought on that pearl necklace saga.

By JOHN – The SCA Intake of 2017/18


One minute thought on that pearl necklace saga.


Rachel: It’s was a stupid call from a man who uses his platforms to portray his misogynistic ways. Like trump, he needs .


Christian: I don’t think it was okay, this is a man that reaches so many creatives, and he needs to inspire, not pollute the creative society.


Ads: Boy. Get out. What freaks me out the most is the backup he’s got from a community who are aspiring to get into the industry. And Diane Young’s recent article about it just made me shiver. Girl, what’s wrong with you?


Meg: Get in the sea you cretins. The Drum’s speech at the chip shop award was irrelevant. Yes, chip shop is offensive, but you agree to seeing that type of work when you go on their site. Your tweets were in the public domain. They were unwillingly on people’s social feeds. You started your brief based on a sexual reference. It was never going to end well. And you’re being very flippant with your responses when people argue against it. If anything you’re running away from the problem. Cowards. I’ve unfollowed, both of you.


Poppy: A classic case of abuse of power. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. You can be a sexist pig. You can be a bigot. You can be repulsive. You can be ignorant. You can be abusive. You can do whatever you want. But, should you? (If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re on the wrong side)

Petra: This is a great example of how conservative advertising is when it comes to values. Standards and norms that been part of society for ages still don’t show in the white, hegemonic, middle-class, male ad-world norm that sometimes still likes to portray the 50’s. However, it’s also a great example of the impact of social media and how we can change society for the better when we stand up for our beliefs.


Sara: Stupid brief, but some funny work. Doesn’t mean people should tar the whole OMB community with the same brush.


James: Pearl necklace saga?


Meg: James, where have you been?!


Dan: Toxic masculinity. Textbook case.


Holly: Bad bad bad. Just so unnecessary.  


Steve: Not much else to add to this. A bad joke that backfired. Boy, bye.


Zoe: He fucked it.


Twyla: How about NO.


Holly: Not ok in 2018


Ben: A mentor, I don’t want to name names, made the point that when we start policing creativity, what defines it? I don’t want my entry to this SCAB to be another Victoria Sponge at a summer feit in 1980’s west country England. What they did was wrong. And loaded. Pardon the pun. I’m indifferently different, and want us to consider what’s right. How different we are to those people. We have a conscience and they don’t. Our books have puns galore and crass humour, expect, it seems, an SCA student has taste.


Melina: One minute vomit in the remembrance of the pearl necklace brief.


Philly: Get a life.


Gary: Time to grow up mate. You are not my favourite coostimer


Henry: Don’t agree with witch hunts in general. Don’t agree with this SCAB. But I don’t agree with what they did and think it was shameful. Things like this obviously need to be called out I just don’t think this is the way to do it.


Becky: Twitter is a nasty place full of trolls and I usually avoid it at all costs, so this didn’t surprise me. Obviously it was stupid but I don’t like to jump onto an argument when I don’t know what I’m talking about.


Nick: It was wrong. The response compounded it. But it’s a storm in our little bubble. There’s so much worse going on every day. So much. And none of us, myself included, are getting het up about it or doing anything to tackle it.


Helena: I’m not that bothered by the work submitted for it (doesn’t mean it was funny or right), I think that OMB made the mistake of setting that brief in the first place. They obviously aimed for those kind of sexist responses.


Phil: Look there’s literally no one here who doesn’t think it was dumb and derogatory. But the world is full of unbelievably horrible, disgusting, relentless cunts who do things like this every minute of every day and I don’t think we should be giving those little amoebas anymore airtime or validation by discussing it further. Boycott them, unfollow them. But let’s take hold of the conversation ourselves rather than letting it be steered.


Joe: it wasn’t cool at all, but we’re giving so much energy and time to just saying it sucks. Why not write a SCAB about how to counteract blatant sexism in the industry? Or do a piece about how guys can tell other guys (and gals) that what they’ve said or done ain’t cool? I know a lot of guys struggle with how to call it out. Just a thought.


Rita: See James


Helena: Think he needs to collect more dots.


Susie: I hope a lesson is learnt. That behaviour does not fit 2018. I’m excited about entering a future facing industry, but either way, I suppose it’ll be up to us who turn it around.


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