Opportunity is now here – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski


Opportunity is now here

Today I had to write a scab. Yes today, the same day that I had to show 50 people that I wanted to stay at SCA.

Out of all the students from  Sup de Pub Paris, 6 of us had to prove our motivation and our desire to continue studying at SCA. As you can expect, this week was really intense because I could not stop thinking about this presentation. I was so worried that I’d forgot a sentence, important information, or completely forget how to explain the essence of my idea. For several weeks already I knew that I wanted to stay at SCA and I was ready to show the school my presentation. But I started to think a lot about the quote that Marc always tells his students, “opportunity is now here”. I couldn’t stop thinking about this quote, it really resonated with me during the chaos of the week.

This sentence was so much in my head that it consumed me. I wanted to write it on one of the walls of the school to be able to see it every day. See it as a reminder of how lucky I am to be studying in England, to live in a beautiful apartment, near the metro and near all of London’s incredibly possibilities. To be able to wake up each morning in a good mood and knowing that, as always, my day will be really interesting. I can’t thank my parents enough for everything they’ve done for me, they’ve helped me to go abroad and have supported me financially for several years.

I am aware that I am lucky to be at the SCA. Actually, it’s only since I’ve been in England that I truly start to believe in myself. I do not feel like limiting my ideas and I like to feel free to say what I really think. In France it was different, more judgment, more rules, I just did not feel like myself. But do not worry sweet France, I’ll come back to see you from time to time. I do not forget that you taught me a lot and that you welcomed my parents from Serbia. That you knew how to educate me and give me benchmarks.

But I think the new chapter of my life starts here in London. Having already achieved one of my dreams, which was coming to study abroad. This motivates me so much more to achieve all the others, including finding the best partner and working in the best agency. Is it really difficult? To tell the truth, I would put all the chances on my side to succeed. SCA I’m not afraid of anything! I will try to capture each of your opportunities, take the opportunity to be there with others, meet exceptional mentors, and participate in conferences that I would never have known how to participate in without the help of the school or to work in team with extraordinary people.

SCA, I hope you’ll be proud of me!

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